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How can workers’ compensation help retired professional athletes?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

On the outside, playing as a professional athlete seems like a glamorous and exciting profession. People only see the game day glory and not the routine strain someone places on their body and the pursuit of athletic excellence.

Yet, hose who compete professionally in different sports are at risk of serious injuries related to their employment. For example, football players might suffer repeated concussions and have brain injuries.  Players in a variety of different sports could also have repetitive strain disorders and issues with their joints because of their rigorous training during their careers.

Even after professional athletes retire, they can potentially qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in California. What should retired workers know about workers’ compensation coverage?

Benefits can prove quite valuable

Depending on the nature and extent of someone’s injuries, there could be multiple types of workers’ compensation coverage available to retired professional athletes. Provided that there is a clear connection between their career in professional sports and their medical condition, they could potentially qualify for benefits.

Some professional athletes suffer traumatic injuries, such as blows to the head or accidents during a match that result in severe injuries. Others may develop repetitive use disorders or injuries related to over-exertion. Particularly when someone has a cumulative injury, not a traumatic one, it may worsen as they continue to age.

To be eligible for coverage, a retired professional athlete must have spent at least two seasons or 20% of their professional career playing for a team based in California. A retired professional athlete in California seeking workers’ compensation coverage can receive medical benefits, which can be very useful. medical coverage for both treatments and symptom management. Medical benefits can eliminate personal financial responsibility for those necessary forms of care.

Retired professional athletes could also qualify for disability benefits or possibly a life pension if they secure a 70% or higher disability rating. The choice to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is actually quite common among retired professional athletes because of how the rigors of their careers catch up to them during their retirement years.

Reviewing one’s medical condition and employment history may help professional athletes determine whether they qualify for California workers’ compensation benefits.